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    Question for those who have actually played as a Gunslinger: How balanced is the Grit mechanic? Do you ever run out of Grit points? Does it cause any book keeping hassles?

    Just reading the rules, it seems like Grit can be managed in such a way (ie, invest in the Feat/item tax to increase your Grit point total, get a lot of attacks, invest some resources in improving your chances of crit, pick off weaker enemies first, and whenever you're clearly winning combat "bank" Grit points instead of spending them) that you basically have a constant stream of Grit points when you need them. And if that's the case, why not just make Deeds at-will abilities?

    Note to Cieyrin: There's no longer a need to refer to the "playtest" version of the Gunslinger in your Handbook posts, and doing so is a bit confusing to me, since I never read the playtest version and never will. Instead, it would be more helpful to simply summarize what each ability does, and why you think it's good or bad. Everything about the Gunslinger (including the archetypes, feats, etc) is open public content and is up on the Paizo SRD (although it's poorly organized by publication, instead of by class/subject).