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I've been playing a PFS core Gunslinger from 1st to 6th with a pistol and dragon pistol and I can say that, given I only have a Wis of 14, I have to carefully monitor my Grit use.
Well, that definitely makes sense for a low level character with mediocre Wisdom. I wonder how it would play at higher levels, with high Wis.

It's annoying/MAD that the Gunslinger's maximum Grit, Menacing Shot, and Stunning Shot are based off of Wis (or Cha), but that your ranged To-Hit, Gun Training, Bleeding Wound, and Death's Shot are based on Dex. Does Pathfinder have an equivalent to Zen Archery? (Or can you just take Zen Archery? It's supposed to be backwards compatible with 3.5? Right?) If so, you could buy a Monk's Belt and magic bracers and be Wis SAD for most of your progression.