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Well, that definitely makes sense for a low level character with mediocre Wisdom. I wonder how it would play at higher levels, with high Wis.

It's annoying/MAD that the Gunslinger's maximum Grit, Menacing Shot, and Stunning Shot are based off of Wis (or Cha), but that your ranged To-Hit, Gun Training, Bleeding Wound, and Death's Shot are based on Dex. Does Pathfinder have an equivalent to Zen Archery? (Or can you just take Zen Archery? It's supposed to be backwards compatible with 3.5? Right?) If so, you could buy a Monk's Belt and magic bracers and be Wis SAD for most of your progression.
Given that Menacing Shot and Stunning Shot are high level Deeds (15th & 19th, respectively), anyways, you definitely should have the money to spring onto a Headband of Inspired Wisdom or a Tome of Understanding by then to make them useful. For the majority of your career, it's just the stat in control of the size of your Grit pool. It's definitely important but, if you can reliably kill worthy enemies, you can probably get away with a Wis of 14-16 and regenerating it as you go. This is especially true for Pistoleros and Mysterious Strangers, since that spike damage should pay back for itself if you plan your attacks well.

This is also why I emphasize critting, as that x4 Crit multiplier, with adequate damage boosters, will likely also kill a target, so you regenerate 2 Grit for that one attack, which is a significant chunk of your pool.

If it's really a bother, Zen Archery would be permissable for a 3.P game, as there isn't an equivalent outside the monk archetype, which isn't compatible with firearms unfortunately, though that doesn't alleviate meeting Dex requirements on archery feats, like Rapid Shot and Deadly Aim. I'm writing the guide from a pure PF perspective, though, so it's not really an option. It could be faked if a kind DM allowed Guided to apply to ranged weapons or if there was a deity with firearms as a favored weapon to use through Guided Hand, though that would require multiclassing into Cleric or Paladin.