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    Quote Originally Posted by Person_Man View Post
    Does Pathfinder have an equivalent to Zen Archery? (Or can you just take Zen Archery? It's supposed to be backwards compatible with 3.5? Right?) If so, you could buy a Monk's Belt and magic bracers and be Wis SAD for most of your progression.
    Even if you could get Wis-To-Hit, you'd still want a decent Dex score to qualify for feats.
    Although, if you can get your DM to rule that Zen Archer Monk can use Wis-To-Hit with Firearms, then you could get away with as low as 13 Dex, taking all the High Dex Req feats with the Monk's Bonus feats.

    Also, Cieyrin, you may want to mention (probably in the Stats section) that a Gunslinger with 7 (or less) Wis still has the same size Grit pool as a 'Slinger with 13 Dex.
    And that a 'Slinger with low Wis and the Extra Grit Feat has as much Grit as a 'Slinger with 16 Dex. So a Low(er)-Wis build is an option.
    (replace Cha for Wis for Mysterious Stranger of course)

    Quote Originally Posted by deuxhero View Post
    Hedge Magican is actually a useful trait if you use Master Craftsman to enter CMA&A/CWI.
    If you do plan on going a more crafty route, I highly recommend getting your Caster levels from Wizard (Spellslinger 'natch), and grabbing the Arcane Builder discovery to speed things up.

    As written it's unclear whether it takes 75% or 80% of the normal time.
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