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    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant
    When you sell a book, youíre competing with every other book out there. When you sell an experience, itís always one-of-a-kind.
    Well put, sir. Very good interview.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant
    Iíve often heard it said that 1-2% of readers of a free product (like a webcomic) will purchase a given product, and certainly my experience has been in line with that. Before even considering using Kickstarter, therefore, a new comic would need to have a known audience at least fifty times as large as the number of backers they would need for their project to succeed if everyone pledged at the lowest level to get the main product.
    So... one can estimate the size of the OotS audience as 50 times the number of backers? That would put readership at around 750,000 strong.

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