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    Does anyone mind if I borrow some bits and pieces from their music, specifically from the character themes? It would help tie the separate pieces together, and considering how long it's already going to take for me to arrange the 40+ comics I have left before finishing the Elan/Nale project, it will save me the time and effort of inventing a bunch of tag melodies for each character for when they enter the scene. I'm not going to blatantly copy-paste anything, but I might end up borrowing a measure or two of the melody, putting it on a different melodic instrument, and grafting it into what I already have.
    I wouldn't if I was actually still working on mine through Noteflight. When I was working through Noteflight I thought it would be pretty cool if different themes and sections were used throughout related pieces. I even experimented adding in a few other themes and liked the results. I've always liked soundtracks that do this. It gives the overall work a unified feeling.
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