Infirmary - Missy

"It'd last long enough if we sedated you during the time for us to make you another heart, but perhaps you have a point. We'll just build a backup for the heart." Bugs tells her with a smirk. "Want the jar to have a plaque too?"

Clinic Room 12

Carl doesn't have anything to add and lets the new recruit go.

Alice's Office

Eventually, she'll get a knock she's been waiting for and see Jyarl walk in with Hellstomper at his side, holding her hand. He looks down at the little orc and nods towards a chair. "This'll take a bit, so you should sit and rest a bit." He tells her before letting go of her hand to take a seat across from the person who fills out his paychecks and does most of the other miscellaneous paperwork that keeps this place running. "What options are there for her?" He asks, showing uncharacteristic concern.