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    Infirmary - Missy

    Missy shakes her head. "No. It won't be in there long enough to bother."

    Alice's Office

    Hellstomper obediently climbs up in the chair, looking around inquisitively.

    "There are several religious groups that care for children, either by running homes or finding foster families. The temples of Hel and Horus, the Order of Cunningham, the Sanctuary Fortress, Inari's. We'll want to have her checked out medically first, but then we'll try and select one. If any of the children's homes already have orcs, or have foster parents that are prepared to take her in, that would be ideal. Otherwise, we'd go with whichever one had the most spaces open. We usually send some funds along with any children we place as well, so that it doesn't put a hardship on the orphanage."
    Alice explains.
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