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My actually-concrete plans were to vaguely reference Roy's Theme a few times in his fight against Sabine and use two measures of Thog's as a sort of joke farther down the road. Also, I was asking this question in advance to any people who might be secretly working on a Haley/Durkon/Belkar's theme. Especially with Haley, I might have to completely invent her musical identity to properly incorporate her into my piece, and I don't want to step on anyone's toes if they're already working on her.
I'm not so subtly working on Belkar's Concerto for Piccolo with Strings, Organ and Brass.

Just finished the first movement, Mortem Incarnatus.
I'll get the leitmotif on midi posted since the theme itself is unhearable in midi format and I'd much rather finish everything before recording it.