Infirmary - Missy

"Just return here when you're done. I'll be waiting."
The doctor tells her before slumping in his chair with a slight whimper after she leaves. He sets a hand on his chest, trying to deaden the pain by breathing deeply, but it takes several long minutes for the morphine to kick in, and even then, it doesn't deaden it fully. Getting up, and with a slow walk, he shuffles out the room, turning off the light as he goes to prep the surgery room.

Alice's Office

"And if I did so, where would she stay in the meantime, hmm?"
He asks, not really bothered by the comment. His reputation wasn't the best after all. "I run a company of people who made a living of rough-housing in the worst ways possible. Little Hellstomper here won't be too bothersome, especially since we've worked things out already."