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Cole looks at his bare feet, standing in snow. His skin did look pale, as if frostbite was setting in, but there was no numbness or pain. It felt perfectly natural to be standing barefoot in the snow.

"I don't know. I think I should be dead," Cole says. He remembers now what the crash before had driven from his thoughts - that he had collapsed in the snow, with the blizzard still raging. Mori had whimpered and tried to get him to his feet again, but when he didn't, she'd curled up with him. Cole had clung to her and apologized for leading them to their deaths.

Then there was blankness. And then morning. "Maybe we are dead. Are you angels?" He realizes how stupid that idea is. "No, angels wouldn't have destroyed so many trees. by crashing into them."
[Cylon Crash site]

This worries the Cylon. He's no expert in human physiology, but he's pretty sure that that's a sign of hypothermia. Or something. The Cylon thinks that Discovery or Fixer probably know more about it, if Discovery weren't busy and Fixer actually cared about humans.
"Every action has a space within God's plan. Even the such seemingly senseless destruction as this."
Yes, discuss religion. You're so much better at that.
"For now, I think it's best to decide where you are to go next. I am sure there is space among us to provide you with temporary shelter from the cold, however we are not equipped to provide for your long term needs. Is there a nearby settlement?" He asks.