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    Ok, so now it's my turn to DM in my IRL game.

    The last session the party defeated an intelligent giant spider in it's layer, and then decided they wanted to collect webbing and take it to an armor smith to see if he could harden and strengthen it into a super light armor material, arguing the massive strength of spider silk.

    I caved but told them it wold take a fair amount of time just to get the silk ready to make into armor, which they very happily accepted. I've got until perhaps the end of this up coming session on Saturday to some up with stats for the material.

    I am ok with it being something that would have been insanely valuable. I don't mind buffing a mostly T4-T3 party with one T1 (Cleric.) who has no idea how to use a T1 (Was the players first session last session. ) with one set of valuable items, I'll just be more stingy with the WLB after this for a bit.


    Edit: Whoops! Typoed the request number, fixed now!
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