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    Penumbra Maw
    Medium Outsider (Native)
    Hit Dice 10d8+40 (85)
    Speed 5 ft. (1 squares)
    Initiative: +4
    Armor Class 16; touch +13; flat-footed +13 (+1 Deflection, +3 Natural)
    Base Attack/Grapple +10/+16 (+5 Grapple Bonus)
    Attack Slam +11 melee (1d8, 19-20/x2 + Maddening Touch)
    Full-Attack 3 Slam Attacks +10/+5/-1 melee (1d8, 19-20/x2 + Maddening Touch)
    Space 5 ft.; Reach 5* ft.
    Special Attacks Draw Within, Improved Grab, Maddening Touch, Multi-Grapple
    Special Qualities Rift Body, Tendrils
    Saves Fort +8 10 Ref +9 Will +10
    Abilities Str 12, Dex 14, Con 18, Int 6, Wis 16, Cha 9
    Skills Hide +17, Listen +20, Spot +20, Survival +18
    Feats: Alertness, Blind Fight, Combat Reflexes Improved InitiativeB, Improved Natural Armor
    Environment Any
    Organization Solitary
    Challenge Rating 10
    Treasure None
    Alignment Always True Neutral
    Advancement HD 11-15 (Medium), 16-20 (Large)

    It appears as a mobile swirling black vortex. While it fluctuates in size like the shore of the ocean, on average the vortex is about the size of a humanoid, though larger one have been reported. It is believed amongst the learned arcanists that the Prenumbral Maws as mortals see them are living planar rifts, leading to an extradimensional space. Whether they are individual entities or all part of the same, much larger being is unknown.

    When a Maw is close to a humanoid or other suitable target, large black tentacles emerge from it, grabbing the intended victim. Once the Maw has grabbed a victim, it begins to forcefully drag it into its swirling center.

    Draw Within (Su): At the end of each turn if the Maw is currently grappling a creature, they must make a strength check (DC 16)or be moved 5ft closer to the possession of the Maw.

    If this would cause the creature to enter the square of the Maw, the two must make opposing grapple checks. If the creature fails the check, they are pulled into the rift. After succeeding in its goal the Maw collapses upon itself, taking the creature with it.

    The DM must then Roll d20. If a twenty is rolled the creature is lost forever (Excepting epic quests). If a number other than twenty is rolled the creature reappears in the exact spot the maw swallowed him a number of days later equal to the number rolled.

    Improved Grab (Ex): If a Penumbral Maw hits with its Slam attack it deals normal and wisdom damage as above, and attempts a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of oportunity. No initial touch attack is required.

    Maddening Touch (Su): On a successful hit with its slam attack the target is also dealt 1d4-2 wisdom damage.
    In addition at the end of a round any creature that is being grappled by the Maw must make a Will Save (DC 18) or be confused (as the spell).

    Multi-Grapple (Ex): A Penumbral Maw can grapple one creature per tendril, instead of only one. Also it can only grapple if someone is within range of 5ft of the end of one of its tendrils.

    Rift Body (Ex): A Penumbral Maw is practically indestructible and amazingly hard to locate while it is within its rift. If it is in its normal state it can hide without any concealment or cover, in addition to being immune to all forms of damage.
    As a full round action a Maw can Manifest. While manifesting its ability to hide without cover or concealment is lost, and its Tendril ability automatically activates without needing to use a move action.

    But as a side-effect of existing within the rift, if it is under the effect of dimensional anchor or dimensional lock spell it is immediately Panicked, no save.

    Tendrils (Ex): By spending a move action or when it manifests the Penumbral Maw sends out three tendrils through the rift.
    The creature may select three foot squares within 20ft. The Tendril counts as existing in each square and a 5ft wide line which connects it to the Maw, for the purposes of attacking the Maw.
    The Maw on the other hand can only attack creatures within 5ft of the three squares selected.

    If a tendril is attacked it deals damage to the Penumbral Maw, bypassing its regular immunity to damage.
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