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So uh
Would it be okay if I requested an avatar?
If yes, go to spoiler 1. If no, go to spoiler 4.

Yay! What I want, is me with a massively slasher smile and a laaarge hammer. Talking evil smile screaming 'oh god she's going to murderize me' and hammer bigger than I am. Ideally, the hammer is made of silver, and is as fanciful as you can be bothered to do. xD This, of course, comes from the recent post of mine in ponythread, and most of those pics will show what I want hammerwise.

Don't mind if it's Faith or Lixie, but the differences are minor.
For Faith, go to spoiler 2. For Lixie, go to spoiler 3!

Faith could be in ponyform or humanform, either is fine. You've drawn humanFaith before, so I guess you know what she looks like, but I'd want reaaally long hair. Like, as long as Susan in EGS hair. Of course, Faith has purple hair! PonyFaith obviously is a blueypurple coat, but I'm sure you know the rest. For human, clothingwise, a skirt or a dress would be ideal, black or purple.

Lixie is my standard avatar! She looks... basically the same as humanFaith. Pretty, wearing a dress or a tank top and skirt. (Probably either black or purple clothes) I'd want reaaally long hair. Like, as long as Susan in EGS hair. Lixie's hair is the brown.

No problem. You've done more than enough arting for me and you're totally awesome.

I have no idea why I did CYOA style post. Thanks anyway!
On the list

Day 302: For Whipping

Tec's request! I like the fire experiment I did here, but it didn't scale that well to avatar size. Sorry!

Time: 30 mins
Music: Minority