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    Ah, vanilla. They have a tendency to adopt whatever element of spells is practiced by the nearest elemental city, although "multicasters" appear closer to Revien.

    From the Stormwrack sourcebook. However, close proximity to the nexus of water magic that is Aquacor have given them gills and winglike webs connecting their arms and torsos. The leaders of Aventi clans all wear brightly colored ponchos, giving them the appearance of gaudily colored manta rays. They have a natural color of orca-whale black with patches of white.

    Based of the Raptorans From Races of the Wild. Close proximity to the nexus of air magic that is Saalarann have removed any connection between their arms and their wings, making footbows obsolete. Also, they draw any winds in the area under their wings as a subconscious SLA, allowing them to fly even in the stillest of aerial doldrums, and, with practice, gain enough control to escape the quickest cyclone.

    Elves perhaps have changed the most from the pointy-eared humans familiar to most of Therinos. Once no different from Tolkien standard elves, Almanthan elves have become plant beings due to their close proximity to the earth magic nexus of Dekonio, closer in appearance to dryads than any other living creature. As a result of this, they no longer need anything other than sunlight and physical nightly contact with soil, although many will indulge their sense of taste for the sensation and for politeness' sake. In a pinch, food can also provide the nutrients if suitable ground is not available.

    Nomon (standard Gnomes) are perhaps an anomaly in the lineup of Almanthan races, in that they were created artificially by Dekon, as a pseudo-housewarming present to Obsid after Obsidia was founded. The tallest nomon is no larger than an 8-year old human, although those who underestimate their small size are in for a world of hurt.

    Goblinoid races
    There are currently three species of goblinoids wandering Almantha, castoffs of the experiments that created the nomon. The first of these, the orcs, are a species of strength, roving in groups called wanderhordes. The second was the goblins, a species of magic. Their armor is prized for being flexible, durable, and (most important of all) semi-impermeable to magic. The last of the races is the kobolds, a species of speed and agility. Their small size makes them similar to the nomon, who in fact inherited their speed and the goblins' magic. Neither the orcs nor the kobolds, due to a mistake in the ritual that would have given them magic, can use it - nor can magic itself affect an orc or a kobold. In this way, mind-altering spells have an extremely high DC, and scrying spells autofail unless they can latch onto something in the scryed area. Even if the spell takes, any orcs or kobolds in the view of the sensor will fail to appear, as though they were under the effects of Invisibility. However, they will appear as normal to unmagically aided sight. Furthermore, as magic is, in most cases, a manipulation of an element, ice spells will still freeze, fire still burns, etc.
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