Alice's Office => Jyarl's Quarters

Jyarl gives her an appreciative smile before taking Hellstomper's hand and guiding her back to his place. He'll open the door to his apartment and she'll find that while the place is small, it's rather well organized. The main room has a worn couch and a couple chairs gathered around a low table and entertainment center. There's a bookcase and piano against the wall, opposite the kitchen and next to the windows. In the corner near the windows lays a dog-bed with a furred lump snoring loudly on it, and the room smells faintly of cigarette smoke.

Off to the side is a bedroom with an incredibly large "Cali King" sized bed with silken sheets and an expensive looking quilt. "Welcome home." He tells Hellstomper with a smile.

Training Grounds

"Do you want to spar, or just practice by yourself?"
She offers.