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What would be really nice is if there was some way to translate the DwtE bonus into some sort of bonus on attacks/damage, i.e. Acrobatic attacks, Jumping attacks, maybe even something cool to do with balance.
Been looking into this and there are actually a number of ways to do this with feats. Acrobatic strike from PHB2 gives you a +4 on an attack against a foe you tumbled past until the end of your turn. The others tend to focus around charging to get bonuses on attack or multiples of damage. I include the charge because DWtE combined with the higher move speed means you can charge across almost any battlefield. (the d&d faq says you can tumble during a charge as long as you go in a straight line, though if you have to get past an enemy you can just jump over them). Also, there are some charging feats that focus on attacking from above which is possible with the jump checks after about level 6.