Lellienth Mizrym
Scars, part 1


The young drowess perched on the roof of her family's home, watching the city below, and thinking of what would happen tomorrow, which was her thirtieth birthday, and thus the occasion of her Blooding. To the best of her knowledge, it would be the first time she had ever killed another drow who wasn't part of an attack on her House.

She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't realize her younger sister, Llolfaen, had come onto the roof with her until the other elf spoke.

"If you knew you could leave now, before your Blooding, would you?"

Lellienth shrugged, placing the dagger she'd drawn at the sound of a voice back in its sheath

"The other one would still live or die whether or not I was the one to fight them. My hand or another's, it doesn't make much difference. Maybe, if I knew they could win by facing the other, but I don't. And even then, I'd just be condemning their opponent... So I don't think I would, unless I was going up against you, and your Blooding isn't for two more years,"
she replied, after a minute's consideration, reaching out and ruffling the other drow's hair. "So no, I don't think I would."

"Not even for Jaldrym? I know you two are pretty close, Lell...", the mage-in-training asked quietly, smiling a bit at the contact with her sister, though her voice didn't entirely match her expression, sounding almost sad.

"Probably not, Faen. If I did, Halisstra would have him flayed alive and dumped out for the driders, and it would be kinder for me to just kill him..."

Unlike her sister, she simply sounded resigned, though, again, her voice didn't fit her face, which also had a smile on it, as she was apparently enjoying Llolfaen's company.


Lellienth leaned back, dodging a sword stroke that would have gutted her had it hit, and, carefully balancing, brought her left foot up, kicking her opponent - Ilivarrra Rilynt'tar - in the ribs, hard enough to knock her off balance, though not to crack them.

Coming back down onto both feet, she lashed out with the other, catching the second drowess in the outside of her right thigh, and dropping her to the ground, striking her head on a stalactite as she did.

Stepping forward, she placed the tip of her rapier against the other elf, and paused, causing Ilivarrra to raise her head as much as she could, looking sad and resigned.

"Just do it, Lelli... You can't get around it, unless you let me kill you, or have me run into the caves and say I got eaten by something, and they'll want to know where I died and what you got to kill me, so that they can check your story."

Lellienth nodded, once, and twitched her arm forward, neatly stabbing her friend through the heart. And then, that done, she pulled out her blade, wiped it on the corpse, and picked up the body, slowly carrying it back to Ched Nasad.