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Unitus - Town Square

After some deliberation, the King approaches the guards and the party of four assorted citizens. He is a startling height for a human. His presence is friendly yet intimidating. He thanks the guard, then looks to the four-person party and shakes each of your hands earnestly. "I must thank you for your bravery," he says with a deep, raspy voice. His eyes are a very light crystal blue shining in the light. His long white beard reminds the citizens of Unitus of snow, and dwarves of their home in the mountains. He reaches into his pocket and gives each of you a small red velvet sack with a fine golden drawstring containing twenty platinum pieces. "Citizens like you are the lifeblood of this city. Captain Rooney," he looks over to a guard with a special dark blue crest on his helmet and shoulder, "Send these men to the prisons. We'll need to do further some further interrogating of these men." He turns back to the four. "If I may, I would request the further service of you four. You've proven your strong blood to me. As you heard, they were hired by a man out of the College of Vystera. I do not know what they would want of my daughter. By the time I send men from my unit, those at the College will already been notified of my direction. I am asking the four of you to go now and investigate the claims of the prisoner's cloaked employer. I know it's not much to go off, but if you were to return from the College with information on the man, I will pay you handsomely. No sum of money is worth more than the knowledge of my daughter's safety."