Brando steps in. Well, now he had been forced upon this insanity, he might just aswell act on it. Neither of his "spirit beasts" as the shaman called it would back out of a fight

Well the man had spikes. Cute. Maybe he'd show him some true had to hold that. No shifting into Liger form unless things got really dangerous

But he turns his predator instincts on. Brando lowers his knees a bit, relaxed stance, center of gravity lower too. It'd give him mora balance. Some part of his brain knew that would be advantageous. Here goes nothing is his last tought before quickly putting all his weight into his front foot, letting that force flow upwards to his arms and lashing a punch at the big man in front of him. He wasn't so strong like that, but maybe he'd get lucky


I hope the dice's curse has been cured
(4d3-8)[0] +2 (Fists)
It's an Attack, using Fists.