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Thread: Commonly Corrected Classes Compendium

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    Default Commonly Corrected Classes Compendium

    Now updated to actually be in alphabetical order, the CCCC is my attempt to organize base class fixes (and the occasional rework) into one thread. If you'd like your fix added to the list please let me know!

    Edit: If you are providing links, please designate if your homebrew is a Fix or an Alternative. Thank you!

    Spoiler: Core Classes

    Spoiler: Barbarian

    Barbarian Fix by NeoSeraphi
    Barbarian Fix by unosarta
    Barbarian Fix by GunbladeKnight
    Barbarian Fix by Draz74
    Barbarian Fix by Grod_The_Giant

    Spoiler: Bard

    Bard Fix by unosarta
    Bard Fix by RedWarlock
    Bard Fix by nonsi

    Spoiler: Cleric

    The Priest, alternative by unosarta
    The Avatar, alternative by jiriku: A cleric remix that gains phenomenal cosmic power only when acting in his deity's interests

    Spoiler: Druid

    Druid Fix by unosarta
    Druid Fix by Grod_The_Giant

    Spoiler: Fighter

    Fighter Fix by wayfare.
    Fighter Fix by Kane0
    Fighter Fix by Grod_The_Giant
    Fighter Fix by Twin Dragons
    Fighter Fix by Realms of Chaos
    Fighter Fix by NeoSeraphi
    Fighter Fix and alternative by jiriku
    The Shield Warrior, alternative by mhvaughan
    Fighter Fix by Deepbluediver
    Fighter Fix by Ernir
    Fighter fix by Kenneth
    Fighter Fix by Seerow
    Fighter Fix by Solaris
    TheLegend, alternative by Grod_The_Giant
    Fighter Fix by Lemmy
    The combatant, Fighter/Melee alternative by toapat
    Fighter Fix by GunbladeKnight
    The Warrior, alternative by nonsi
    Fighter Fix by nonsi
    Fighter Fix by Rogue Shadows
    Fighter Fix by Draz74
    Fighter Fix by Piggy Knowles
    Fighter Fix by Wayfare
    Fighter Fix by ddude987

    Spoiler: Monk

    Monk Fix by T.G. Oskar
    Monk Fix by UserShadow7989
    Monk Fix by Lord Iames Osari
    The Ascetic, alternative by Lix Lorn
    Monk Fix by arguskos
    The Youxia, alternative by Troll Bräu
    Monk Fix by Ziegander
    Monk Fix by Derjuin
    Monk Fix by jiriku: a striker/skill monkey upgrade to the monk.
    The Ascetic, Monk fix by Jarian
    Monk Fix by Phosphate
    Monk alternative by Veklim
    Monk Fix by Draz74
    Monk fix by IamL and Phelix-Mu (Part 1)
    Monk fix by IamL and Phelix-Mu (Part 2)
    Monk Fix by Nonsi

    Spoiler: Paladin

    Paladin Rework by T.G. Oskar
    The Sanctified Champion, alternative by Circle of Life
    Paladin Fix by Grod_The_Giant
    Paladin Fix by Kenneth
    Paladin Fix by Seerow
    Paladin Fix by Solaris
    The Knight-Paladin, alternative by jiriku: a defender class to replace both knight and paladin
    The Templar, Paladin fix/alternative by toapat
    Paladin Fix by toapat
    Paladin Fix by ddude987

    Spoiler: Ranger

    Ranger Fix by Grod_The_Giant
    Ranger Fix by Deepbluediver
    Ranger Fix by NeoSeraphi
    Ranger Fix by Person_Man
    Ranger Fix by T.G. Oskar
    Beastmaster Ranger, alternative by Serenity
    Ranger Fix by jiriku
    Ranger Fix by Yitzi
    The Archer, alternative by Circle of Life
    Ranger Fix by Jarian
    The Swift Hunter, replacement by jiriku: a striker/skill monkey class to replace both ranger and scout
    Ranger Fix by PId6

    Spoiler: Rogue

    Rogue Fix by Kane0
    Rogue Fix by Twin Dragons
    Rogue Fix by Grod_The_Giant
    The Darkstalker, alternate by NeoSeraphi
    The Duelist, alternate by NeoSeraphi
    Rogue Fix by Deepbluediver
    Rogue Fix by Yitzi
    Rogue Fix by Kenneth
    Rogue Fix by Merk
    Rogue Fix by Zelkon
    Rogue Fix by Nonsi

    Spoiler: Sorcerer

    Sorcerer Fix by NeoSeraphi
    The Magician, alternative by jiriku: A practitioner of low magic, including sympathetic magic and the crafting of simple magic items.
    Sorcerer Fix by DeAnno
    Sorcerer Fix by Grod_The_Giant

    Spoiler: Wizard

    Planar Mage, alternative by unosarta
    The Mage, alternative by eftexar
    The Ritualist, alternative by jiriku: The traditional staff-wielding master of The Art, including circle rituals.
    Wizard Fix by Grod_The_Giant

    Spoiler: Complete Adventurer, Arcane, Divine and Warrior

    Spoiler: Hexblade

    Mike Mearl's official unnofficial Hexblade Fix
    Hexblade Fix by Kane0
    Hexblade Fix by Ziegander
    The Bez-Kismet, alternative by T.G. Oskar
    Hexblade Fix by Sgt. Cookie
    Hexblade Fix by Person_Man
    Hexblade Fix by Grod_The_Giant
    Hexblade fix by The Shadowmind
    Hexblade fix by realbombchu
    Hexblade Fix by Vallum
    The Hexblade Homebrew Handbook by Mephibosheth
    Hexblade Fix by Grod_The_Giant
    Hexblade Fix by Lord_Gareth
    The Malefactor, Hexblade alternative by Lord_Gareth

    Spoiler: Ninja

    Ninja Fix by T.G. Oskar
    Ninja Fix by Circle of Life
    Ninja Fix by Person_Man

    Spoiler: Samurai

    Samurai Fix by T.G. Oskar
    Samurai Fix by MammonAzrael

    Spoiler: Swashbuckler

    The Daring Outlaw, alternative by jiriku: a striker/skill monkey class to replace both rogue and swashbuckler
    The Scoundrel, alternative by Circle of Life
    Swashbuckler Fix by PId6

    Spoiler: Warlock

    Warlock Fix by MammonAzrael
    Warlock Fix by T.G. Oskar
    The Ebon Initiate, alternative by ErrantX
    Warlock Fix by Master Arminas
    Warlock Fix by mhvaughan
    Warlock Fix by Barna10
    Warlock Fix by Kane0
    Warlock Fix by Deviston
    Warlock Fix by alchemyprime
    Warlock Fix by Nonsi

    Spoiler: Warmage

    Warmage Fix by Realms of Chaos
    Warmage Fix by T.G. Oskar
    Warmage Fix by Grod_The_Giant
    The Elementalist, Alternative by NeoSeraphi
    Batle Mage, alternative by Kenneth

    Spoiler: Tome of Battle, Psionics and Incarnum

    Spoiler: Other

    Spoiler: Binder

    None Yet

    Spoiler: Cavalier

    Cavalier Fix by NeoSeraphi

    Spoiler: Dragon Shaman

    Dragon Shaman Fix by Kane0
    The Wyrmlord, alternative by T.G. Oskar
    The Dragonfury Disciple, DFA/Dragon Shaman alternative by nonsi
    The Dragon Disciple, alternative by Grod_The_Giant
    Dragon Shaman Fix by Dragodar

    Spoiler: Dread Necromancer

    Spoiler: Factotum

    Factotum Fix by Ernir

    Spoiler: Healer

    Healer Fix by jiriku: an upgrade that turns the healer into a potent multi-functional support caster.
    Healer Fix by Derjuin

    Spoiler: Marshal

    Marshal Fix by Derjuin
    Marshal Fix by Kenneth
    Marshal Fix by PId6

    Spoiler: Truenamer

    Truenamer Fix by Kyeudo
    There has to be more than that...

    There is also large collections of fixes and other homebrew here and here.

    Is there a way of getting this stickied or put into an already stickied 'compendium' thread?
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