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    While none of these homebrew materials are found on Giant in the Playground, I still would like you guys to check them out.

    Bleach D20 - A sourcebook that brings the Manga/Anime Bleach to 3.5.

    Classes and Alternate Class Features:
    Boneclaw Hybrid (Undead Racial Paragon) - A method for undead creatures to gain the abilities of the Boneclaws.

    Alternate Class Features:
    Militant Spellcaster - Sorcerer and Wizards lose one spell per spell level/day and their familiar, but gain full BAB and proficiency with Martial Weapons.
    Spellcasting Lifedrinker - Lose some Lifewell capacity to advance spellcasting.
    Unarmored Duskblade - Lose your ability to freely cast in Light and Medium armor for abilities similar to a Monk.
    Undead Soul Eater - Allows Undead to become Soul Eaters, and changes some of the abilities to work better with Undead.
    Unevasive - Lose Evasion and/or Improved Evasion for a bonus feat.
    Wand Wizard - Lose a familiar or similar class feature to be able to enchant your spell's to hit roll, DCs and damage/healing rolls. Despite the name, not limited to Wizards.
    Whiteguard - The antithesis to the antithesis of the paladin.

    Adaptive Weapon - Reassign the special abilities of a class-granted weapon.
    Advanced Spiked Chain Proficiency - A feat that lets you drop the reach of a Spiked Chain to turn it into a double weapon.
    Bundle of Terror - For the purpose of intimidating, you are considered to be the same size of a creature if doing so is beneficial to you.
    Deathless Energy Drain Immunity - Redeemed Undead (see below) regain their immunity to Energy Drain.
    Expendable Familiar - Face no penalty from a killed Familiar, and summon a new one the next day while preparing your spells.
    Incognito Undead - As an undead, you gain two abilities: one that makes you appear to be alive, and another that can completely supresses your undead type.
    Increased Monk AC - Your effective Monk level is doubled to determine your bonus to AC, up to level 20.
    Independant Mage of the Arcane Order - You don't have to pay respect to the Arcane Order to access their Spellpool. Also counts as a feat to enter the Mage of the Arcane Order.
    Necessary Evil - While being good you can continue to advance in a class that requires you to be evil. In addition, if the class has abilities that are lost due to being good, you keep them.
    Painful Energy Charge - Using the revised energy charge rules, you can give living creatures negative levels with an energy charge attack.
    Persistant Shapechange Attack - If your natural weapon deals more damage before shapechanging, you retain your original natural weapon in place of the new (or nonexisting) natural attack.
    Reloading Finesse - You are able to reload small ranged weapons even while holding something in both hands.
    Sharp Teeth - Gain a Bite natural weapon that deals 1d6 damage (if medium).
    Shoulder Riding - Stay on a creature larger than you with no penalty to either of you, gain soft cover, and if anybody strikes you they provoke an attack of opportunity on the creature you're riding on.
    Spell-Like Imbuing - An Arcane Archer can Imbue Spell-Like abilities through their arrows.
    Jump* - you gain a Jump Speed equal to your land speed.
    *Note: this material was originally created by the (now banned) D&DWiki user Parakee, and was adopted by The Dire Reverend.

    Hungry Hungry Construct - A construct now can eat. No real benefit.
    Missing Hand Replacement - Replace your stump with a weapon or tool that cannot be dis-armed! (heh...)

    AC Scouter - "Vegeta, what does his scouter say about his armor level?" "It's over 20!"
    Battle Sai - A one-handed Sai as opposed to light-handed.
    Chained Weapon Template - Attach a chain to a weapon, giving it reach. Costs and Exotic Weapon Proficiency though.
    Cloak of Vampiric Protection - At the cost of sparkling (and becoming dazed, but that's nothing compared to the first penalty), Vampires do not melt in the sun.
    Hair Dryer - Invented by Dawn Plushies, the "Hair Dryer" gently blows warm air out of its opening. It was originally intended to quickly dry wet Plushies, however other races found it useful for drying their hair after bathing.
    Infinate Ammunition - Never have to keep track of how much ammunition you have left!
    Long Fall Boots - "We told this Test Subject to just go ahead and try to land on her head. Heh heh! She can't do it!"
    Orb of Power Amplification - An artifact that allows a regular character turn into a Gestalt Character, or Tristalt if they are already Gestalt.
    Wizard's Wand - The tool of a Wand Wizard (see below).

    Contracting - Treat a weapon as one hand size lighter (One-Handed, Light) only when it is beneficial to you. Stacks with itself.
    Disguised Weapon - This weapon looks like an ordinary household object when not in use.
    Expanding - Treat a weapon as one hand size larger (One-Handed, Two-Handed) only when it is beneficial to you. Stacks with itself.
    Merciful Crystal - A weapon crystal that can convert all damage the weapon deals into nonlethal damage.

    Creatures, Races & Templates:
    Awakened Avain - A flying bird who has become sentient. These stats can be used to make hawks, owls, ravens or any other small bird.
    Awakened Bat - A bat who has become sentient.
    Awakened Ferret a ferret who has become sentient. These stats can be used to make Ferrets or Weasels.
    Beeforged - A Beeforged is a warforged filled with bees. ...Yeah. That's it.
    Child - A child template that doesn't make him/her unplayable, unlike most other child templates to imitate "reality" in a fantasy game.
    Dire Reverend Vampire - A less powerful variation of the SRDs Vampire, with Racial Hit Die instead of Level Adjustment.
    Draconic Kobold - A less powerful version of Half-Dragon that is tailored towards Kobolds.
    Kitten of Endless Decanters - A kitten that can shoot empty decanters out of it's mouth to harm those who would threaten her nap.
    Redeemed Undead - An undead who becomes powered by Positive Energy as opposed to Negative Energy, thus becoming a Deathless.
    Slaymate - A Child (see above) that becomes undead, and gives a small bonus to necromancers around it.
    Technoplush - A Technoplush is an improved version of a Dawn Plushie, specialized in creating Technological Devices, and powered by electricity instead of fire.
    Unhallowed Minion - A LA +0 Intelligent Undead that explodes when it disobeys it's master.

    Bonus: My (mostly) OotS-style imagery!
    A lot of these images are not drawn with the same scale, forgive me.

    Feel free to send a PM with a request for a character of your own!

    Caleb the Vampire, Celeste the Slaymate, Clover the Human, Mathias the Human, Unnamed Warforged Scout, Unnamed Redcap

    Captain Hideaki Kashikoi, Human Shinigami, Fumblefoot the Plush Shinigami, Shikai and Bankai
    Caleb the Vampire Shinigami & Yuka the Shinigami

    Tekti the Goblin Tinker, Death'Kel the Lich, Celeste the Slaymate (in cool armor stuff)

    A very, very angry panda.
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