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    Forum, don't fail me now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Omeganaut View Post
    Earth and water could be golemcrafting. Earth to provide the material and water to provide the impetus to move. Earth and Air could be Transmutation, as together they can change the substance of the item. Or if you thought it could work, move necromancy to air and earth (air representing breath of life) and earth and fire could be transmutation.
    Earth and Water seems like an excellent way to make Golems, as does Earth and Air for Transmutation. I'll add that later. I actually considered the "breath of life" as an argument for air in Necromancy, but it's got weather magic (which, BTW, includes Chain Lightning) and teleportation, which made me think it's getting overpowered. Fire as part of Necromancy was inspired by a friend, who noted that in a book he'd read, the souls of the dead were always described as fire-related things. (I don't remember the name of the book he cited)

    Quote Originally Posted by Omeganaut View Post
    I'm trying to figure out which system you are using to delineate schools of magic, because I can't figure it out, so I don't know that my suggestions will be very helpful. Also, have you decided how divine magic is going to work with this setting?
    It's my own invention, which takes cues from Airbender, among others. Basic rule of thumb is: if a spell can be done with a circumstantial example of the element, it is aligned with that element. However, each also gets a secondary power (water mages can cast mind-affecting spells that control the blood or the brain fluid of a target, air mages can swap themselves with the air at a target position, with the effect of teleportation, fire can cause shifts in atmospheric heat to cause illusions, earth can drain magical energy from a target, with the effect of antimagic). Also, divine magic as such does not exist as a category, since the Minds are not divine entities that can grant spells to a practitioner.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zap Dynamic View Post
    Nice work so far! I'll say right away that I'm generally not a fan of high-magic settings, but I like this stuff. It's cool that you foster teamwork in spellcasting. The setting's got a kind of Airbender/Final Fantasy/Zelda feel to it. In particular, I love the take on elves. I've kicked around a very similar idea a few times.

    Some thoughts:
    There are Humans, and then air, earth, and water races. Any fire races? The Nomon seem like they might be, but it isn't explicit.
    The nomon are basically the modern fire race, but while the world was young, before the Minds ascended to their current positions, Dragons controlled the entire western coast. It is rumored that the last of the dragons bequeathed the volcanic caverns that now house Obsidia to its founder.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zap Dynamic View Post
    As far as format is concerned, I think you would benefit from some revisions. I figure this is a rough draft, but it's worth a mention anyway. My own preference is to lay out the geography, either the nations or the races (whichever is more unified), religion and magic, then anything else that's germane.

    That's all I can think of for now.
    I'm trying to thrash geography out too, but I keep running into problems. I'd like to have them laid out in a LoZ-Termina-esque pattern, with one city-state to the north, another to the west, and so on, with Revien in the middle a la Clock Town. However, Aquacor requires a lagoon (or any body of water large enough to hold a city), Dekonio a forest, Saalarann needs a plain sufficiently large enough that the teleport pad at its center is remarkable enough to draw attention, and I'd like to have Obsidia on a volcanic island. However, the most convenient place to put a volcanic island is at the mouth of Aquacor's lagoon, and placing two similar islands at opposite ends of the same continent seems problematic. I'm currently thinking that we have a peninsula to the west, which is blocked from the mainland by a dormant volcano, which of course houses Obsidia, while Aquacor has only just begun to sprawl outside of the lagoon it was built in. I agree that the formatting needs fixing, I was just trying to get down everything from the previous thread (that died, BTW) and didn't think much to format. I'll get around to fixing it eventually.

    Quote Originally Posted by motoko's ghost View Post
    Earth and Air for flight/levitation spells? Earth to weaken the bond to the ground and air to shift them about?
    Earth would, if anything, strengthen the bond to the ground, making levitation impractical to (literally) tie to earth. Levitation is an air-only ability, as evidenced by the kirian ability to literally generate wind beneath their wings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zap Dynamic View Post
    I want to create a world that is full of possibility, and one of the best ways to handle it is by creating a bunch of stories that haven't yet been finished.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grey_Wolf_c View Post
    At this point, however, I'm thinking way too hard about the practical problems of running a battle royale school for Russian assassins, so I think I'll leave it there.
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