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I'm trying to thrash geography out too, but I keep running into problems. I'd like to have them laid out in a LoZ-Termina-esque pattern, with one city-state to the north, another to the west, and so on, with Revien in the middle a la Clock Town. However, Aquacor requires a lagoon (or any body of water large enough to hold a city), Dekonio a forest, Saalarann needs a plain sufficiently large enough that the teleport pad at its center is remarkable enough to draw attention, and I'd like to have Obsidia on a volcanic island. However, the most convenient place to put a volcanic island is at the mouth of Aquacor's lagoon, and placing two similar islands at opposite ends of the same continent seems problematic. I'm currently thinking that we have a peninsula to the west, which is blocked from the mainland by a dormant volcano, which of course houses Obsidia, while Aquacor has only just begun to sprawl outside of the lagoon it was built in. I agree that the formatting needs fixing, I was just trying to get down everything from the previous thread (that died, BTW) and didn't think much to format. I'll get around to fixing it eventually.
Hmmm. This has got me thinking. What if we keep your idea of the cities being set in a compass-style setting, but then just justify whatever geography exists because of the Minds. The Minds are incredibly, godly powerful things. Who's to say that they don't shape the world around them to suit their element? Volcanoes don't appear because they're near a tectonic plate boundary. They appear because that's where the Fire Mind exists. Despite being up an incline, there's a vast lagoon around Aquacor. So, basically, ignore proper geography. It's a high-magic world where magic = God-Cities.