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Interesting to see Shrike and Dani as kids. You can see their future personalities in there and how being bullied shaped them.
Thanks. That is kinda what I'm aiming for; well, that and narrowing the 'broad strokes' I've always painted their backstory with before.


Shrike and Dani
Red, part II
"I still think we could get along with everybody just fine if they'd just try, and we just need to talk to them to get them to listen!"

The older of the two redheaded girls in the clearing in the woods rolled her eyes at her sister's words, which were delivered with conviction...despite their having had essentially the same conversation at least twice a month for as long as she could remember. "If you want them to listen, you'll have to pound their heads against the wall," she retorted, as she eyed a piece of wood, hanging on a vine across the clearing, swinging in the soft breeze...


...and directed a blast of electrical energy from her outstretched fist, leaving the wood slightly smouldering. And, purely coincidentally, keeping her from hearing Dani's squawk of protest at the thought of 'countering their meanness with our own meanness' which she knew was coming.

Again: twice a month.

"...but I wish they would just understand. And I know you and dad both say they'd be freaked out by that," she waved in the general direction of the target to indicate her sister's electrical display as the subject of her comment, "but why? It's just so cool!"

Dorothy sighed, running a hand through her hair, and went to sit next to her younger sister. "Because it's magic. And what do the holy books say about magic?"

"To burn the witch." Dani frowned, almost poutingly. "But you're not a witch. You're my sister!"

"Yeah, and I'm glad you think so." Chuckling, Dorothy ruffled her sister's hair. "Now how about we go find some crawfish? Mom wants to fix some for dinner."

The grin on her sister's face was enough to make her forget about everything that worried her, if only for a time.