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I second that. Especially if you have big hands. I played clarinet for a few years at high school and I always struggled to get my fingers in the right positions to completely cover the holes (a must if you want the notes to sound right) - thanks to have fairly large hands for a girl. Then I picked up the tenor sax as well and it was pure heaven.
My main problem is that I can barely get a sound out of a clarinet. Something about makes the instrument so hard and tiring to coax into action.
And when it comes to flute, I can never angle the mouthpiece properly, though that would come with practice.

I am in complete agreement with your assessment of the Tenor Saxophone, that's the one I play. It is awesome. I just need to play louder.
Almost ten years on it, and I can hardly be heard.

Actually... Starting from around Easter in grade five...
I was ten then, I'm nineteen now... Make that almost nine years.