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    Lightbulb Revising Expedition to Castle Ravenloft(spoilers, WIP, PEACH)

    Newly added(within the last 12 hours);
    {!}I've added encounter E6 now{!}I've changed the chupacabra to a dire wolf, in order to fit the theme of the adventure better, and also increased the vulture's HP and gave them flyby attack

    After finally getting enough time I'm likely to run castle ravenloft for my dnd group in the next week or so, so I've decided to try to revise some of the wonky bits(such as some of the unbalanced encounters, and under or over powered creatures), and bits that seem a off(such as why the shopkeeper may have the sunsword or holy symbol of ravenkind, or why the werewolves are being lead by an insane nymph).

    encounter E1 revised.
    encounter E2 is now up as well
    Encounter E3 is up
    {!}Paladin and warblade versions of Ashlyn are now up

    I've decided to use pf creatures when I need too, and homebrew abilities that would simplify things, as looking through some of the encounters, the original writers did a similar thing when they needed to in some of the encounters.

    {!}: I'm planning to use this to mark recent updates
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