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    Quote Originally Posted by Morty View Post
    This is indeed quite dark. In a different way than other dark stories in here, more... down-to-earth darkness, with desperation, degradation and abuse. Nice to see someone tackle such unpleasant topics.
    Why thank you kind sir. Though, I feel like I kind of rushed through those parts. Mostly cause this is the first time I'm really establishing her story before the part that's going to start now. Which is a part that I've had done for...well, a couple years, actually.

    Hard part's gonna be deciding how detailed I get with it.

    I also think I know who's stories I'm going to do next. Which will probably motivate me to play them again.


    Memories - Part 4

    "You really expect me to believe that I'm suited for a military project? Really?"

    It was late at night, and I was sitting on my bed, looking at the man on my couch. Clothes were scattered on the floor. He was a regular that paid a lot, so I gave in to his requests. Thankfully, he didn't have any really weird ones. Just that I should wear heels, fishnets, and a garter belt. He always showed up in a military uniform. I didn't really believe that he was a soldier. Probably stole the uniform.

    "That's right, sweetie. The Rembress facility is heading up something new that's bound to make an impact. They need volunteers, and I think you'd be a perfect candidate."

    I gave a short laugh and shook my head a little. "Yeah. Somehow, I don't think an eighteen year old prostitute is exactly military material."

    He smirked a little. "You'd be surprised..." Before I could question that comment, he pulled a card from his jacket on the floor, walked over, and handed it to me. "That's where the sign-up is. Stop by tomorrow. See for yourself."

    I took the card and looked at it. I recognized the place on it. It was near city hall.

    I hesitated for a moment, then nodded. "Okay. Fine."

    He grinned. "Good.

    How about another quickie before I take off?"

    I rolled my eyes. " know you only paid for one."

    He waved his hand. "Bah, I'll pay Slate again on the way out. After I leave your tip." He winked.

    That was another reason I put up with him. He was a good tipper.


    The next morning, I was on the tram, headed towards downtown. Slate didn't have any customers in the morning, and he'd give the girls one day a week off. Usually. So, I decided to spend mine seeing if what Jase was talking about was legit. The place was public enough that I didn't think this would be any kind of bad setup.

    Once at the right station, I got off the tram and walked down the steps to street level. I took a moment to get my bearings, then headed for the building in question.

    The building was three stories and made of granite. It looked older than most of the city. Might have even been here before the Rebirth. It served as a library and recruitment office. I think. To tell the truth, this was the only time I was ever in the building.

    Anyways, I went up the steps and walked inside. I walked to the round service desk near the entrance. The woman there gave me the warm, I'm-here-to-help smile. "Hi, how can I help you?"

    "Um, I was told that the military was looking to recruit people for some new project? I was given this card." I put the card on the desk between us and slid it to her. She picked it up to look at it. It took a moment longer than it should have to get whatever she was looking for from the card. That started the alarm in my head, but I ignored it. I was too excited about the possibility of not having to work for Slate anymore. A military gig would definitely get me out of there.

    Finally, she gave a short nod and stood up. "If you would follow me, please." She started walking towards the back of the big hall. I followed. We went through a few sets of doors, before finally coming to an elevator. She led me in, and pushed an unlabeled button. Which I found odd. Then the elevator, instead of going up like I thought it would, went down. Also odd. The doors opened, and she led me through another long hall. This one wasn't as nice looking as the one above.

    The doors at the end opened to what looked sort of like a gymnasium. Several screens had been placed around exam tables, along with lights. Some were closed, though I could see people's feet below the curtains. She lead me to an open table, told me to take a seat and wait, and closed the screen.

    I assumed this was a physical examination for applicants. I mean, the military had to have healthy people, right? As I waited, I looked myself over. I wasn't exactly built, but I was in okay shape. I didn't have any health issues that I knew of. So, I had that going, at least. I didn't spend much time doing any kind of physical activity besides what earned my pay, but I was confident I could hold my own in whatever routine they used.

    After about ten minutes, the curtain opened again and a man came in wearing the white coat of a doctor. He had a clipboard and pen in hand.

    "Name?" His question was short. I got the feeling this was routine by now, and he really didn't care who he was asking these questions to.

    "Zel Movado."





    He nodded, then put down the pen and clipboard next to me. "Alright, shirt off." I complied, and he started the normal routine of a physical. After that, he told me to wait again as he left. I put my shirt back on and waited, wondering if there was anything that would stop me from getting in.

    A few more minutes, and he came back. "Alright, Zel, looks like you're good to go. Exit the door in the back, that'll take you to a platform. Get on the tram. It'll take you to where the project is being run."

    I nodded, feeling a little excited now. I was joining the military. I didn't have to sell myself anymore, or put up with Slate. Things were starting to look up for me.
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