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And when it comes to flute, I can never angle the mouthpiece properly, though that would come with practice.
Yeah, I remember trying to get a sound out of my friend's flute once - I had exactly the same problem. I've never been very good at getting noise from blowing over bottle openings either.

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I am in complete agreement with your assessment of the Tenor Saxophone, that's the one I play. It is awesome. I just need to play louder.
I miss my sax... I hired it from the school and I loved that thing - had to give it back when I left obviously. Not that I ever practiced... drove my teacher nuts.

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Ele's sister tried to teach me Clarinet once.. Every time I made a sound with it, I just started giggling for five minutes. After about half an hour to an hour of this happening over and over, she gave up. xDD
Heh, my sister taught me the basics of the clarinet as well - I took up the instrument mainly because she learned it and she'd just recently gotten a wooden one, which meant her plastic one was just lying around. So I decided to learn too... so she of course, started teaching me and when I got into my first actual lesson with my actual teacher he was so ticked off. He was her teacher as well and she'd been learning for years so he knew us both fairly well. He was so mad because she taught me incorrect tonguing and because I'd ended up being better than all the other beginner's but not as good as the second-year students. I got private lessons out of the deal