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    Teq Vraal

    Alias/Titles: The Traitor, the Record, Vul Vraal, Jon

    Gender: Male.

    Race/Species: Human, technically. Clan Vraal. The clans are essentially subraces. Physical traits vary widely.

    Age: Just past middle-aged.

    Alignment: Probably some kind of evil or neutral.

    Class/Profession: Assassin/Soldier

    Power Rating: Very scaleable, depending on how he prepares for a particular encounter. Can range all the way up to A, given time to prepare. With his usual gear, call it B. Casual clothes and no weapons? C.

    Description: Eight foot ten inches in height, weighing in remarkably light for a creature his size, Teq Vraal is far from your average human. His limbs and fingers are gangly, as with most of his clan. The Vraal's frame could be described as wiry and lean. His skin is a sun-scorched red. His torso, and parts of his upper limbs, are covered with swirling ridges and grooves, almost like etchings in his flesh. Though they look like chitin or bone, these designs are soft to the touch, and they seem practically hand-carved.

    Ancient onyx stones, still gleaming bright, are set into his elbows and kneecaps for decorative purposes. The tips of Teq's shoulders are angled and jagged with strange spiked formations. His fingers are round and thick, dull at the tips, though they are of a long, delicate quality. He has three fingers and a single thumb, but only two oversized toes on each foot.

    His neck is short and thick, terminating in a rounded skull. His eyes are multi-pupiled, with the black pools overlapping and connecting like a Venn diagram. Four pupils per eye, both in different patterns. The irises surrounding these dark shapes are a lovely shade of amber.

    His face has a great range of expression, with the mandibles that make up his mouth moving to imitate human facial musculature. He can smile, frown, and laugh with the best of us. It's only when he wishes to eat that his mouthparts spread, extending vicious serrated teeth along their lengths and a tubular tongue, along with two tiny pincers to grasp struggling meals. Again, ridges and curved grooves color his face, adding to the exotic appearance.

    In place of hair, from the top of his head extends a small forest of thick spikes, each one gradually growing. He likes to keep them short, modest, and clean-cut.

    Equipment: Teq has access to an array of weapons. What he doesn't have, he'll usually buy and then discard. To ensure a lack of traceable material.
    His on-person equipment:

    -A pair of spectacles. He has trouble reading without them, and his vision tends to blur.
    -Contacts to replace those same spectacles. For combat situations.
    -Skinchanger device. Exactly how it sounds. Changes his outward appearance into that of another species. This includes apparent size and shape. Weight remains the same. Advanced model allows for him to retain his superior physical abilities in lesser forms. Species closer to his size are more comfortable, however.
    -Alternatively, a TP-82 Russian Cosmonaut pistol or an Exenterator 37 handheld flechette launcher. The first is for stopping power, the second is for armored targets and silent operations.
    -Wrist communication and teleportation device. It allows him to access large quantities of information through a 'touchable' holographic interface.

    Abilities: Physically, Teq is vastly superior to a modern human. He is stronger and faster, albeit much larger and less manueverable in enclosed spaces. He possesses certain racial abilities, including the absorption of equipment and supplies into his own body for later use, adaptation of his own form for new environments, ambidexterity, and the ability to see in multiple directions with only two eyes. Due to his unique faith, Teq also possesses certain supernatural abilities, such as speaking with the dead, Discord magic, and various counterspells to deal with the occasional spellslinger.

    Backstory (work in progress, expect more elaboration on his career): Teq is naught but the product of his own choices. He cannot excuse himself with an unhappy childhood, a tragic loss (though he's had a few), or a lack of good sense. He was raised in a society consisting largely of perfect pacifists, men and women who see killing another as the greatest evil in the universe. But he always found their system... flawed, foolish, and perhaps immoral in itself. Killers, creatures whose names alone made men shudder, were spared by their people. The Eldest always advised against such things, or any equivalent, for the early end of life was a fate no creature truly deserved. They lived in a dying universe - it was only natural to fear and detest death in this way. But Teq never truly understood why his people always went along with the Eldest's wishes.

    He fell in with a revolutionary group at a young age, despite his parent's urgings against it. These people didn't want to simply pacify invaders, transgressors, and murderers. They wanted them dead. An eye for an eye. It was their Eldest's unending mercy that allowed evil acts against humanity to continue, and in a revolutionary's eyes, the old cowards had cost more lives than any madman or mercenary. Unlike the rest of their race, these vicious Vraals had no love for the corrupt and often evil outsiders from other worlds. They saw no equality amongst them. Teq himself thought the whole race foolish - with power like theirs, they could not only defend themselves better, but strike back against transgressors. Take something back for their people, rather than watch their world crumble to dust. He lobbied with them, screamed at the walls of the council chambers, even helped start a riot or two. The Eldest were mere advisors, but the people listened all too often, and if that was so then they needed to be brought down.

    At first, the revolutionaries proved peaceful. They protested, they made threats, but they didn't act. In fact, it was the Eldest that struck first, in a vain attempt to capture these rebellious youth. They thought these young people sick, a sickness that could perhaps be neutralized without bloodshed. A losing battle was fought. The youths became willing to kill, and many loyalist soldiers were not willing to die by their brother's hands. It was one thing fighting a weaker race - their bullets and plasma and swords often held little risk for the hardy, medically brilliant Vraal. But revolutionaries? Other Vraal men with their own weapons at hand? The Vraal purists saw their forces decimated. And the revolt was only gaining steam, having suffered not a single loss. Any attempts at capture - less-than-lethal weaponry and the like - ended with catastrophic results. It's a lot harder to knock a Vraal human unconscious or detain one than it is to kill one outright.

    The Eldest, ironically enough, did exactly as Teq's people asked. These ancient, gnarled men and women had been through one too many civil wars between their stupid children. They were bitter, and at the appalling actions the revolutionaries committed, were willing to take lethal measures to keep their rule intact. They gathered convicts, butchers and killers, old soldiers from the remotest bastions of their clandom. And with the consent of the people, they made them Knights. The Order Ascendant, to be exact. This order was granted power by the Eldest to kill in the name of the Wheel, when no other solution presented itself. They were trained with the greatest guns mankind had ever produced. Granted armor made from Earth's strongest ores, holy artifacts from a bygone era. And when these 'Knights' finished with the rebellion, there was naught but a few broken traitors left scattered to the wind.

    Teq, a youth caught up in the tide of changing times, was ultimately banished to the wastes, sent off into a dying universe. The equivalent of a death sentence, for all practical purposes. He was luckier than most of his comrades, who had met their end at the tip of a rifle-barrel. The Traitor guessed he would be eaten soon. But the walls of his reality were breaking down - allowing passage for things within and without. Teq wandered by chance to another Earth, an older Earth. He had some skill in the arts of death, despite coming from a culture that embraces life. At first, he sought to work for a good cause. These humans made war often, and combat was all Teq understood. If he was going to fight, he'd try to fight for the right reasons, confused as those seemed now.

    Oh, how quickly that laughable little illusion was torn apart. In his first battle, after inflicting dozens of mortal wounds upon enemy soldiers, Teq requested a Vraal healing balm - a substance that could prevent shock, sow limbs back on, and regenerate lost flesh. The lieutenant looked at Teq's handiwork - a hillside of ravaged, screaming corpses - and laughed right in his face. Right before dropping a bag of gold in his hand. He stared at the money with despair, confusion, and to his shame, a measure of curiousity. It was stained with the blood of mere children - boys pressed into service for the good of their country. But it'd been so easy. The men of this age were like toys, they were so easily broken.

    Teq lied to himself for a while after that. About necessary casualties. About the cold, indifferent, misbegotten monster that was slowly eating his mind. Whatever let him off his own hook. The Vraal warrior moved from place to place, 'helping' people. He broke this dillusion after just a few years - but he never really got over it. He'd even try to justify his actions, if pressed. 'Just following orders', that was his mantra. 'It's what I'm good at', he told himself. 'I'm only the weapon' was his favorite. All the while, he made his walls higher, and distanced himself from everyone around him. He was so far gone that some assumed him to be socially handicapped. Deep, in his heart, Teq actually seems to enjoy the end of other lives.

    Acceptance, in a way, was the next step. Teq began to see life for what it was - a finite collection of meaningless choices that would one day end, before beginning again elsewhere in an endless, tortorous cycle. It did not matter if he killed a few or a few thousand. His rampant murder was inconsequential. This belief grants him mental and physical power over the universe. With it, he has the greatest excuse of all. Through this revalation, Teq came to revere something his people called the Broken Wheel - the beginning and the end, death and rebirth. He joined a forbidden sect full of Vraal like himself, a place between worlds where those skilled in the art of death might take refuge.

    It's only logical that Teq found his way to the Nexus. He's walked roads all his life, and all roads end here. Teq figures he can turn a profit easily enough. He can't tell the difference between soldier and assassin anymore, and the Nexus needs plenty of both.
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