Really good article about OotS and the Kickstarter drive over at
(h/t John F. MacMichael from the comments section of the latest update)

Nice way to end it, I think:

Cory Doctorow cautions, over at Boing Boing, that this isnít some sort of herald of the end of business models as we know it. The success of self-publishing superstars like Rich Burlew is more equivalent to winning the lottery or becoming a rockstar. A fair enough point, but the difference, I would argue, is that this isnít random chance, or studio-driven. If this is gambling, it is poker, not the lotto. There are elements of luck and marketing at play, but there is also something else. There is the ó pardon me if I get a little sappy ó the interplay between a creator and his audience at work. The play, as a crazy Danish guy once said, is the thing. The Order of the Stick made a million dollars, and that is pretty cool. Rich Burlew had more than his 1000 true fans, and when the time came to cash in his chips, they came through.
As seen in the quoted paragraph above, there was another look at the drive from Boing Boing:

Mostly it's a recap of the interview with Singularity Hub, but Corey also chimes in with some thoughts of the whole thing.