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    New OP! Now with new Geography section (Thanks Ninja for the help) and additions to Magic and Races.

    Up next: Organizations and Factions.

    Long story short, I'd like to have at least 3 or 4 different major organizations for each city. I've got a few to start it off, which is where you come in.

    • University of Aquacor
    • Aquacor Navy
    • Consortium of Schools - the aventi nations' ruling body: a council of every patriarch or patriarch's chosen representative.

    Dekonio: This one can skimp on factions, due to Dekon's preference to limit the amount of conflicting factions within his domain.
    • Dekonio Practicum - A "technical school" of magic, and main lab for sigils.
    • Sharenia Library - a collection of treatises on every topic imaginable, from spell schools to celestial movements to basic aerodynamics.

    • Ominak Laboratories - Producer of constructs and machines of every shape, size, and specification, rumored to take orders from Obsid himself.
    • Underground railroad for kobolds wishing to impersonate/replace a nomon, needs a name.
    • Kasaito - a sect of terrorists that destroy and deface monuments to Obsid, etching the name of "Fisura" over Obsid's.

    • Falconrunners - Pseudo-Traceurs with wingsuits, who pride themselves on taking the quickest path to their destinations, be it by cable, over street, or through the air. Mainly a human discipline, although the younger generation of kiria are starting to see its merits.
    • an order of monks who have discovered how to scry solely using winds. Needs a more arabian-esque name.

    • Revien Freelancer Guard - a mercenary corps of all shapes, sizes, and magical aptitudes. The superiors have a tendency to group their recruits into six-man teams (i.e. D&D teams - the game I eventually intend to run will start with the players signing up).
    • Moon Market - A black market bazaar that springs up every full moon, complete with trail of reflected moonlight. More exotic items are sold here, including the best suits of magic-conducive armor, sold by the Goblins who enchanted them.
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