Memories - Part 5

The tram seemed a lot nicer than the public one I took to get here. Either it was newer, or military equipment was more important than civilian equipment. Probably the second.

I got on and took a seat, looking around. There wasn't a lot of people on the tram. Nobody I recognized. I mean, I didn't expect to see anybody I knew. But, it would have been nice.

The ride lasted almost an hour. We were headed to the other side of the city. Rembress was a massive city with fortress-like qualities. It's eastern edge was on the ocean, and huge walls surrounded the other sides. It was the largest city on the Mainland, and the center of the world government. I had a large manufacturing district, which mostly made military stuff.

Finally, the tram came to a stop. The voice over the intercom instructed everybody to file into lines on the platform based on each person's Base. There weren't many people in my line. Kinetic, Life, Time, and Light were the least common of the ten Bases. The Fire and Water lines were huge.

We waited for a few more minutes before the doors opposite the tram opened, and we were allowed inside. Each door was its own hall, without an doors along the way. The ceiling was over twenty feet above us, while the walls were close enough that two people would be uncomfortable standing side-by-side. The Kinetic line kept moving forward, everybody growing a little more nervous as we went. The door behind us shut, which didn't help our nerves.

The door at the end of the hall led to a brightly lit room covered in white tile. There were more exam tables. Without any curtains this time. The couple of doctors here had hard looks about them. And there were several armed soldiers in the room, guarding the doors.

The head doctor shut the door behind us. "Alright, everybody on a table. Now." The five of us hesitated. A tall man with a shaved head spoke up. "What's going on? What are we doing here?"

We all heard the click as the closest soldier raised his gun and aimed it at the man's head. The doctor sneered. "As short on Kinetics as we may be, I will make sacrifices to get you to listen. Now everybody...get on a table!"

As I hurried to one, I found myself wondering what the hell I got myself into.