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One instrument I've always wanted to learn is the Violin.. Never tried a string instrument before, and they're always my favourite part of classical pieces (if strings are in them).
I learned the violin for about 6 months before deciding I just couldn't get the hang of it and gave it up. I've tried out quite a few instruments over the years...

Tenor Saxophone

Of those, the recorder is the only one I can still pick up and play without any problems - but I played it for 7 years and actually did a Grade 4 music exam with it... which I passed with Merit, much to everyone's astonishment (I swapped two of the pieces I was playing and didn't really start practicing til the week before the exam and never practiced the scales).

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@Lady Moreta: You might be able to rent one. It'd probably come back to you reasonably quick.
I personally would have almost no idea what I'm doing with the recorder anymore.
Couldn't afford to right now... and no longer sure I want to. I played the recorder longer than any other instrument, that's the only reason I can still play it.

I was always a little sorry to give up the oboe though - learned that one for a year, but something about the airflow/pressure/whatever needed to hit the really high notes gave me a splitting headache and I had to give it up.