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    If you're willing to reshuffle you could give some low level "theme" feats, fire, shadow, cold, etc, based ascetics. Although Fiery Fist and Sun School is in there...

    A feat that doubles the Wis Mod bonus for Abundant Step? Heh, and a variant of Sun School which uses Shadow. Shadow Dancer Monk like it should be. :D As opposed to being a 25/30 level S.D. and only being able to jump a paltry 4 miles a day. Improved Ki Strike already allows you to turn your weapon ethereal, a feat which allows you to do it as a Swift action? Because a double ended sword that goes ethereal as you slam the door shut is just cool. :P Flashy lol

    Once per day as a Swift action you can temporarily swap the bonus from Improved Ki Strike to different one for X rounds. Afterwards the bonus reverts and you are Y. Exhausted seems a bit much, take something of non-lethal damage?


    On the other hand, that could be moving into Ninja/Jedi territory and may leave the Wushu path. YMMV
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