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I like it, but it would be a better fit for Aqua, rather than Saala. Saala would prefer a cyclone-esque figurehead.

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Something with golemcrafters who believe that the constructs are the pinnacle of form and basically attempting fantasy transhumanism with golem bodies&etc, however due to the questionable nature of their experiments they usually keep a low profile.

EDIT: whoops that may not be what you are looking for...um...maybe a large library of both magical and mundane knowledge?
The golemcrafter cabal might work, but it wouldn't work anywhere but Obsidia. Also, there's a difference between the Water&Earth golems, and the constructs created at Ominak, which are closer to robots than anything else.

A large library would work nicely for Dekonio: It would serve Dekon nicely to have all manner of knowledge at his fingertips. What would you like to call it?