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Thread: Wonderland: Rise of the Jack (IC)

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    Default Wonderland: Rise of the Jack (IC)

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    Chess Board Zero

    "Welcome to Wonder Jack Casino's opening night! We are proud to present over a hundred tables, six hundred slot machines, three fully stocked bars, and many more wonders for your gaming pleasures! With all of these dreams and prizes far beyond belief, it's no wonder without Wonder Jack!" The giant voice shouted through out the street in that huge city of Bradford, England in 1899. The casino was filled with lights, music, and eye candy on every inch of the gigantic structure.

    On the gaming floor, it was pure pandemonium and chaos with every blackjack and poker table almost filled to the very brim. Within seconds fortunes were gained and lost with the flip of one card, or the turn of a crank. Waitresses served free non-alcoholic beverages; they were clad in the least amount of clothing that they could possibly pass off as legal.

    Among all of the colorful lights and raging crowds hungering for money, as an old man who sat in his office chair, watching with his cane planted at his side. He was dressed in a black tux with a blue dress shirt underneath his jacket. His sunglasses hid his eyes as they gazed out the window. Even with his casino taking off with an opening night that far exceeded expectations, he did not seem the least bit impressed. In fact his finger still tapped the handle of his cane as if he were waiting. Still he waited with anxiety that was very palpable. Soon, very soon, but for now, he waited.
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