A pretty young woman, with short black hair, standing so that a slot machine and the flow of people hid her from casual view, smiled, patting the hidden pocket she'd sewn into the front of her dress, to make sure none of its contents were showing, watching the dark-haired newcomer's path closely.

And, once he sat down at the roulette table, and she was sure he really was a gambler, and probably rich, her smile widened, and she stepped out of her relative concealment, mingling with the crowd of people, so that she was able to detach from the current next to him, looking just like any other patron of the casino - Anrielle was worthless as a gambler, and she knew it, but she was equally aware that she had a nice face and a way with people, and she was sure that she could, if nothing else, convince him to use a bit of her money in a bet, with a promise to repay what she'd lent him, and a bit of the profit on it; probably she'd actually be able to get him to give her some of his money as a gift, or, if nothing else, an effective, though not technical, payment, one of the risks of playing on her looks being that someone would like them more than she'd hoped. But at least if that did happen, she'd picked someone reasonably good-looking, so as long as he wasn't completely horrible in terms of personality, it would at least be a tolerable prospect.

"Hello," she said softly, extending a hand to the man, once he'd made a bet and the wheel was spinning, so that there was no chance of being blamed as a distraction if he lost, all of his active parts, for now, having already been completed. "Anrielle Hunter. You?"