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Skyfoot is really cool, although the language needs cleanup. Dancing Charge and Contemptuous Movement both look very cool too, and likewise Skydance, in addition to it being hilarious.

My big concern with Skyfoot/Skydance, though, is that everyone has been flying around for 8 and then 11 levels by the time either comes in. They may not actually be useful when flight is nigh-universal and even expected.
It reminds me of Geppou, from One Piece. It essentially allowed someone to use the air around them as a platform for jumping, and with enough skill, just floating in midair.

Also, I'd love to see a gestalt of this with my own Runner Class (see my sig), the two fit together so well, the smart and charming swordsmen with the ability to get anywhere in a hurry, plus it makes a great Prince of Persia-style character.