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    A child that could have been anywere from thirteen to seventeen manages to walk in with the rest of the crowd. Pulling his shapeless grey hat on his head down on his face, he scans the room for weak-willed rich twits with cash. Sure, being with a group that is older that he is is hardly his sort of modus operendi (he prided himself on his vocabulary), but the fact is that few of the people here realy paid much attention to there purses. He blinked his brown eyes once and smiled.

    Ah, yes, the faint-looking one near the opening who has no idea what she is doing! Walking over to the girl-women ( he realy could not tell if she was nearer to his age or to the older men around) he comes near the bar and takes a seat, all while attempting to exaggerate the muscles that made him look older than he realy was. He waited for the girl to get out of her daze and take a seat, for the only ones open where the ones near him.
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