I remember looking out for wallabies in Tas, particularly in summer when there was little grass except for nice manicured lawns. A friend was driving me home one misty summer night, and I had to remind him to drive slow because of them.

And they're very hardy little buggers.

My dog used to kill them, grabbing them by the neck and shaking the datlights out of them (had no idea until then they could vocalise). I had to drag them by the tail and throw them over the back fence into the bush, so I saved one by shaking the dog and shouting at him to drop it. He did, and the thing hopped away no doubt telling its mates what happens in our yard. We dd t see one again.

You see more road kill than you normally would in Tassie. Wombats are like boulders, echidnas almost as bad. But it was perfectly ok for my cat to kill baby rabbits, she never got punished for that.