Jon--still clinging to the side of the bridge--steadies his aim and fires at the monstrous arachnid, grazing its bloated abdomen. The damage isn't great, but the spider is quick to turn on its newest attacker and prepares to drive is fangs home into the precariously placed man. The chattering maw closes within arm's reach of the paladin when twin gouts of ichor erupt from its disturbingly humanoid face to shower Jon with whatever passes for brains in a giant spider. It takes a moment for the body to realize that the head has died, and the eight legs continue to drive the thing forward and over the edge where its bulbous body bursts on the rocks below.

Pleased with his shots, Tyr blows the smoke from his gun's muzzle and spins it into his holster.

400 each

Sorry for the delay, kept waiting for Gen and Huril, only to realize that it was dead anyway.