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Thread: Wonderland: Rise of the Jack (IC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vixsor Lumin View Post
    "Oh nothin much, just here to see the sights." he said making a point of looking her in the eye. Then he asks, "What about you? A pretty girl like you can't be here all alone, right?"
    "Oh? And why not?", she asked, looking straight back at him, gaze not wavering from his eyes for a moment. "I can take care of myself, after all, and not being committed to anyone when I arrive means I have a lot more choice in things now that I'm here."
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    I won't tell you there's nothing 'neath your bed,
    I won't tell you that it's all in your head,
    This world of ours is not as it seems;
    The monsters are real, but they're not in your dreams -
    Learn what you can from the beasts you defeat,
    You'll need it for some of the people you'll meet!
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    arachne now imagines Shepherd Book's hair fluttering around like a white butterfly