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    Err.... The night stick was a bit too big for his tastes, and the last thing he needed was a bump on the head. He looked at his pockets, trying to remember what stuff his friends planned out... wait. Crap. He looked around for his fellows, and could only see a single other grey-capped kid, and he was careful in not paying attention to the guard while his hand was slinking into a fat ladies purse. He actualy, to the guards surprise, walked up and pointed to the other grey-capped person in the crowd. Sorry, Tom. Your going to take the fall for this one.

    "Good sir, my ID was taken from me a few moments ago by the man right there, yes, the one right there with his hands in her purse!"

    He looked in the direction of the girl. Brat never even looked at his face after she downed her vodka. If he makes it out of this, she is going to loose some of the change in her purse, without a doubt.
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