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Pausing he stops and thinks for a second. "Hmm... well your right they probably won't." he says with a laugh then adds, "Tell you what. If you'd prefer you can wait and collect any winnings, ill have a drink waiting for you at the bar." he says with a wink and walks away.

"It's not my money, Tony,"
Anrielle replied with a laugh, continuing after him. "You want to lose it, that's your business."

Of course, just as they arrived, she found that she likely wasn't going to have time for a drink after all...

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"Ladies and gentlemen!" The giant voice said from all of the brass horns in the walls. "Wonder Jack is proud to present our main event for the evening! The challenger, Tony Virmire is set up to face off with our Heavy Weight Champion boxer, Kenneth Squire Junior! All in attendance please make your way toward the center ring located in the east side of the casino, and all staff involved with the fight please get to your posts!"

The old man's hand was now grinding on his cane with excitement. The time was very close, and the night was getting ready to sing a song that brought the world's true fate upon it. Was he dressed properly? Was he ready to meet the real world in this state? Was he too old? None of that should have mattered at that point, if he wasn't ready then than he never would be. It was getting so close, he could taste it.

"You know, you didn't tell me you were going to be called off just as we got to the bar. But anyway, I'm assuming you'd say to bet on you in this fight? Considering you're challenging him and all, obviously you're fairly sure you can win..."