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Thread: LGBTAitP - Part 22: The Best There Is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triscuitable View Post
    Well they were raised in seperate homes. We only got one after we got the other, and there was an unspayed female in the neighborhood. As a security precaution, we had him neutered. Otherwise we may have had a bunch of tiny little squealing Siamese kittens.
    That makes sense, actually. I've just come to cringe at any mention of the word...

    Once we boarded my dog at a vet to go on a trip. When we got him back, he was neutered, shaky and if memory serves starving.

    Not only did we not ask them to do that, he was traumatized for the rest of his life.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coidzor View Post
    I sincerely hope that you're being facetious rather than serious here.

    If we are, then I have heard of people wanting all men to get vasectomies as a matter of course so that they have to choose to have children.
    A little of both, actually. I was employing... What's that dark style of satire, again? The kind that that pamphlet that suggests eating the babies of low-income families counts as? The one day I didn't pay attention in English class...

    The vasectomy bit actually kind of makes sense... I feel bad for the guys whose procedures reverse, though.
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