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Hm, Interesting. I bet Saala, for one, would be very interested to learn that this group has somehow divorced scrying from the water element. However, I don't think "becoming air" is possible - although I'm perfectly fine with them being in the dark about that snag in their plans. However, "Tuuli-Lukoi" doesn't fit with "Saalarann", which to my mind has a more Arabian flavor.
Total brainfart. I completely forgot about the water=scry stuff. Instead, how about a group that created and maintains a massive communications network. There's a massive series of Towers strung out across the world, each just outside of visual range of each other, and message-carriers teleport from one tower to the next and hand off the message to the waiting members of the order there, who then have someone with fresh spell slots continue on to the next. It's like a magical pony express. In that it's magic and acts like the Pony Express, not that it's a message system using magic ponies.

As for the name. Google Translate doesn't translate Arabic into a Latin Alphabet . So I went with Finnish and simply combined the words for "Wind" and "Reader". If you know what that is in Arabic you could still use the same name.