I used some strawberry-scented shampoo (try saying that ten times fast ) earlier today - unfortunately, it seems that the scent either got rinsed out somehow or the conditioner covered it up. >.<

It's really good shampoo, though. It feels like silk~

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The sexuality to end all sexualities?
A sexuality... That shall pierce the heavens!

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Ehm. I dislike the "wrong bodies" thing. It's like... Until we can trans (ha) plant brains, it's still your body after SRS/HRT/FFS. I like your illustration though~
I'd say it's the right body with the wrong configuration. It's as good a reason as any to make a technological reference.

Va-gynosexual? Veritasexual, attracted to the ideal of truth.
Omega is clearly a reference to the differing etymologies of the first and second half of most orientations, with one being latin and the other being Greek.

On a more serious note, they're jokes~!

Could be voltsexuality; attraction to electricity.

... I am so gonna use that in the future.

(I totally pictured random flower petals exploding from nowhere around your avatar just now. )