On what is transsexual/transgender
Well I know that until this thread I had no idea. Now I admire MtF's and FtM's courage and dedication for having one of the hardest fights to be themselves.

On a different note! Had an extremely awkward talk with my father about my sexuality. He thinks my "problem" is that I enjoy masturbation, and while that is accurate, it is nowhere near what he thinks it is. He thinks that whenever I'm in the bathroom for more than five minutes I'm masturbating. It's just the only place where no one will look over my shoulder because I'm not allowed to lock any door other than the ones leading out of the house. And I'm just a little paranoid, so yeah.

This is probably because I've never told him about my emotions regarding the subject. I just told him a bit less than 12ish hours ago in the conversation about the event that made me seriously concider that I might actually like men. Apparently I'd been able to dismiss the fact that from the age of 11 I've fantasized about sleeping with guys, even before I kew the mechanics of sex, when gay was a word I never knew until sixth grade, when it was still just something lurking in the shadows that you should never become.

But he doesn't know that.

Sometimes I wish telepathy was granted to first level commoners...