Maesyn (and Marlae if she is at the Wyvern Watch Inn)

The elf tries to comfort the hysterical woman and direct her back to the Wyvern Watch Inn. He gets to sits down and calms herself down as a waitress brings her water and some watered down beer to Maesyn. Finally her sobbing ends and she takes a sip of the water.

My name is Mela Basult. My husband is …. , tears start running down her cheeks, .. “ is Amnic Basult. We a=have a bookshop near the market. Amnic always had an interest in sacred rituals and ceremonies.” She stops and takes another sip of water. “ He was very excited about the new Temple of Mystra and was very curious about their ritual about Mystra’s Sacred Trust. He had never heard of it and could not find any documentation on it. He visited the temple often and kept telling me that something was a little off. He was not sure why.

She stops and stars shaking but recompose herself.”8 days ago, he has gone missing. I went to the city Watch and the Purple Dragons and they told me that they would not get involved in domestic issues. There was no sign of foul play so they said that he could finally left for a young woman. I am much older than him.”. She stops and restarts but her voice is now broken. “Finally 3 days ago as I was cleaning the bookshop looking for a clue, I found this in a crack between the floorboards.” and shows Maesyn a parchment.

As Maesyn takes the piece of paper, Mela starts sobbing again. The parchment is a pamphlet for the new Temple of Mystra and on it is written “Do they really hold Mystra’s Sacred Trust?

While sobbing, Mela continues “This is Amnic’s handwriting. I showed this to the Purple Dragons and they went to interrogate the priests at the temple but they said they had no idea who and where Amnic was. The guards confirmed that. They said that the question on the pamphlet did not incriminate the temple and they would need real evidence before accusing the priests of anything.

Her voice raises and her breathing is louder and heavier “I know they have him. I know he did not leave me for a younger woman. He loves me. We worked on finding information about the ritual together. They have him but no one care. I know they have him. I know, I know, I know

She buries her head in her hands, sobbing uncontrollably.

It is about 8:00 PM. Maesyn and Marlae are at the Wyvern Inn. Aust, Savin and Zarien are attending the nightly ceremony dressed as Petitoners.